Scoliosis Assessments

We are committed to helping children grow and develop better. It is becoming increasing evident that some of the physical discomforts and aches and pains that limit us in adulthood can have there beginnings in our childhood. Unfortunately it is not well appreciated by parents that just like adults children can also experience spinal problems, even in the absence of pain.

The school setting is an important environment for children to get checked. They are with there friends so it helps infuse fun in to the process, simply because it is someone different for the to do rather that the usual. Kids readily engages with the activities along with the class mates and are interested to find out something about themselves. All assessment is done in an open environment and takes only a few minutes per child. No treatment is ever given in this setting, it is purely an opportunity to identify what issues may exist. Just like getting checkup at the dentist for alignment and decay, a scoliosis check is about checking the alignment of the spine and looking see what areas are getting stiff and tired.

During the check up we assess the shape of the spine by assessing posture, we check flexibility to determine if there are any significant limitations and we also look at coordination and balance.

The Anatomy Club

The anatomy club for kids is an initiative of Turramurra Chiropractic to help kids learn more about themselves and how there body works. It provides a hands on experience with anatomy models with interactive lessons to keep this kids engaged with learning. Information provide is delivered in accordance with curriculum requirements.

Professional Development Talks

Our chiropractors are regular speakers in the community. There are many topics that they can speak on that are appropriate for teachers. Of particular interest is the role of movement in learning and how the body can be as a tool to enhance learning. They also speak about how teachers can maintain their health through out the term.

Please call or email us to discuss how we can support your school.