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At Turramurra Chiropractic our goal is to help people to do the things that they love to do, whether it is at work or at play. We believe that this requires people to make positive and proactive health choices and that the best way to achieve this is through education, rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

Turramurra Chiropractic is based in the centre of Turramurra and we are also conveniently located for surrounding suburbs including Wahroonga, Warrawee, Pymble, Hornsby, St Ives, Gordon and beyond. Our two Chiropractors, Jason Prior is passionate in using their skills in order to help people regain health, movement and function.

Our practice is close to both parking and the train,  with easy street level access. We have modern facilities including toilet, and also have a selection of kids toys to help keep your children occupied. Phone 9440 8003 to make an appointment, or explore our services and education pages for a greater understanding of the conditions we can help with and more information on Chiropractic.

Our Practitioner

Jason Prior, Chiropractor

M.Chiropractic, B.Nursing, B.MedSc, GradDip Psychology,


Life is a sequence of ordering our priorities. To cure cancer may be high on the list but I have come to believe that perhaps even higher is the simple business of helping lives to be better.

– author unknown.

With over 10 years experience as a chiropractor and 17 years as a nurse, Jason is passionate about helping peoples lives to be better. Jason completed his undergraduate and graduate nurse training at the Sydney Adventist Hospital. At the SAN one of his most valued experiences was the many months he spent working in palliative care. “Although patients in this environment weren’t cured of their disease, there was often a lot of healing that did occur. Families where brought closer together, people found moments of joy in the hardest of times and there was often a depth of love and caring that is all to often missed in busyness of daily life. Regardless of a person’s circumstances I truly believe that there is always something that can be done to help someone’s life be better, and the more I can learn the more people I hope that I can help.” Jason went on and completed studies in Medical Science and Chiropractic he continued to work as a Nurse in a variety of settings. This included a retirement village in North Turramurra, one on one with patients in palliative care in homes and hospitals, the Sydney Opera House, Schools, Dalcross Private Hospital and others.

Although Jason works with children of all ages and stages he has a passion for treating musculoskeletal, balance and coordination difficulties particularly in those with learning and behaviour issues. Part of his experience includes working at the Dore Achievement Centre (formally in Chatswood) with clients, most of who where children, who had ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Dyslexia in addition to movement based difficulties. He has completed professional studies in neurology and a graduate degree in psychology both of which helped him become the first chiropractor to be employed in the School of Occupational Therapy and Social Science at Curtin University, WA helping to teach neuroscience and neurodevelopment. He brings all this knowledge and experience into all his chiropractic care.

Another of Jason’s passions helping people with dizziness and vertigo. He was the first Australian chiropractor to successfully complete competency based training in Vestibular Rehabilitation with Richard Clendaniel and Susan Herdman, who are considered world experts in this field. In addition to providing treatment for these disorders at the Turramurra clinic he is available for both remote consultations and onsite visits in homes and hospitals around Sydney.

The book that Jason is most inspired by is The Brain That Changes Itself by Dr Norman Doidge. For probably the first time this book clearly revealed to the world the potential for helping people even when they have been dismissed as non-recoverable. Through the stories of people, their recoveries and the amazing therapies develop by equally amazing researchers and clinicians we learn that the brain isn’t fixed and unchanging much like a machine, as was the belief of nearly every healthcare professional and patient for centuries. Rather, through the power of neuroplasticity, the brain is constantly changing constantly from the womb to the tomb, helping us learn and adapt to the needs of the internal and external environment.

What the Brain That Changes itself really shows us is that while someone is alive there may be many opportunities to make positive changes. This is so long as we are prepared really get to know and understand the individual patient and have the desire to learn and use the information we have to develop a unique plan that will lead them in the direction they need to go.” It was for this reason that Jason travelled to Birmingham, Alabama to be trained in the use of Constraint Induced Therapy with Dr Edward Taub and his team who developed this world leading upper limb therapy for stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and many other neurological conditions affecting the use of the upper limb.

Jason’s other passion is his wife and two children. He and his family recently moved back into the Turramurra area after living in Perth for last seven years. Living back here on the North Shore where he lived, worked and studied for so many years feels like being back at home. He is looking forward to many years working in Turramurra and getting to know people in the local community.

In addition to Principle Chiropractor at the Turramurra Chiropractic he also supervises final year Macquarie University chiropractic students during the clinical rotations. To keep himself physically and mentally healthy he enjoys training and competitive freediver. His current personal best breath hold is 5:37min.

Jason is available to run educational workshops and he is also available for consultations in homes, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Please give him a call about your needs.

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